Tea, Cocoa, and Cappuchino Mixes

Instant Tea Mixes

Available Unflavored, Unflavored with Sugar and in a wide variety of flavors with Sugar or Aspartame, our Tea Mixes are sure to please.


Available as Baker's Type (10-12% fat), Breakfast Type (22-24% fat) and Hot Chocolate Mix.

Flavored Cocoa Mixes

Developed for the coffee service industry, these delicious alternatives to a plain cup of cocoa have been very popular with our customers. In addition to foodservice applications, this product can be used as a promotional aid for your company.

Flavors available - Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Amaretto and Chocolate Cherry. Specialty flavors available on request.

Cappuccino Mixes

Also developed for the coffee service industry, these mixes bring that unique European Cappuchino taste to your foodservice operation. These mixes can be prepared by mixing an individual portion in your cup, or by using any type of automatic dispensing system.

Flavors available - Vanilla, Chocolate Mocha, Hazelnut and Amaretto. Specialty flavors available on request.

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