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The Tradition of the Challah Bread

Almost 100 years ago, in a small village near Krakow, Reb. Zecharia Melzer came back from serving in WWI. He decided to open the first Jewish bakery in town. Fired by coal, in a stone lined oven, he started baking breads, buns, rolls and challahs. And I am told that the unsold goods were given to the poor. His son, and my father, Shumel, learned the tradition of Jewish and European bread artisanship as a boy, and later brought that tradition with him to Israel. When we at Tova and Stoneground Mills decided to introduce this challah recipe mix, we were inspired by my father's traditional recipe. This challah has the taste and love of 100 years, and three generations, of proud tradition. Enjoy The Essence of Tradition.

- Zack Melzer, President, Tova Industries, LLC

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