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Heritage - The Essence of Tradition® s an (U) certified kosher Parve Challah bread mix. The retail box contains two individual packages of pre-mixed, pre-measured bread mix and two individual yeast packets. All you do is add 1 1/3 cups of water to one package of mix and one packet of yeast to create one 16 ounce Challah. This fool-proof mix has been formulated to lend a helping hand to both the experienced, as well as the inexperienced baker.

This mix may be used for both traditional baking procedures, as well as in a bread making machine.

Complete Challah Bread Mix

The rich heritage can be found in this mix. It is produced from selective Kosher ingredients that are blended together in a well-balanced complete bread mix.

Add water only
Dry mix has 6 month+ shelf life

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