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Contract Packaging

Our high capacity and versatile blending operation is available to fulfill all of your custom blending requirements.

Rated Superior by the American Institute of Baking (AIB), our double ribbon blenders are capable of high volume as a result of their high speed mixing action. This allows for more production runs per shift and the ability to switch products more often than most dry mix manufacturers.

Unlike many contract packaging operations, we do not require truckload orders before we can produce your product. While we certainly have the capability to produce multiple truckloads for you, we also have the ability to produce the smaller runs for new product rollouts and testing. This makes us a company that can grow with you as your volume grows.

Also rated as Superior by the American Institute of Baking, our Packaging Department is designed to handle virtually every type of packaging you will need.

Our Packaging Department currently consists of automatic packaging equipment designed to produce pouches from 1/2 ounce up to 6 lbs and fill several types of polypropylene and PET containers, #10 cans, #2 1/2 cans, #2 1/2 tall cans, poly-lined boxes, bulk bags and plastic pails.

Labeling is accomplished by thermal transfer printing on the pouches and application of pressure sensitive labels on cans, containers, boxes, bags and pails.

Other options available include fiber canisters, pre-printed film and super sacks.

As your project comes together, we will work with you to incorporate the packaging that best fits the needs of your product and application.

Give us a call to learn more about our contract packaging programs!

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