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Product Matching

This type of product formulation is unique, in the sense that we take your existing product (wet or dry) and match it for you.

While this is not an easy task, and sometimes takes several rounds of trial and error to get all aspects right, the end result is a product that can be implemented in your system without your customers knowing you have switched suppliers. Very often, this will lead to a significant cost savings.

Wet or liquid product matching is rather unique in this industry. Using our knowledge of dry ingredients and product design, we are able to take paste or liquid products and create a dry mix that imparts the same appearance, flavor, color and mouthfeel as the original product. This is extremely advantageous when you want to reduce waste factors and lower food costs.

If you are in a situation where you feel you are paying to much for your current branded or private label products, or would like to gain the advantages a dry mix has over a wet preparation, give us a call and we will do our best to help you.

Once defined, your project will be turned over to our Research and Development Department, who, in their fully equipped lab and under the watchful eyes of the President, Vice-President and Sales Department, will develop the product in accordance with the parameters defined by you.

Once you have reviewed the project and determined it is right for your situation, we will finalize price, delivery and lead time.

While there are many steps on the road to a finished product, our ability to quickly turn projects around will make that road as short as possible.

Contact our Sales Department and let us show you how we can solve your application problems or bring your product concept to fruition.

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