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Wet/Dry Product Conversion

One of the most challenging, and rewarding, aspects of our business is converting a liquid or semi-liquid product to a dry product. Many products can be recreated as a dry mix using this method, such as sauces, food bases, gravies, beverages, dressings, marinades, etc. This is accomplished through several laboratory techniques and has an immediate and impressive affect on lowering your operating costs.

By converting to a dry formulation, you will realize cost savings in many areas.

  • Reduced dry storage - no more gallon jars of dressing, or similar items, sitting on your shelves.
  • Increased cooler space - take advantage of our frozen dessert mixes to open up additional cooler space and reduce costly dairy product waste.
  • Reduced food waste - you can prepare the products as needed and we can pack the products in such a way that you can prepare as much, or little, as required.
  • Increase product consistency - by controlling the preparation of the product.
  • Reduce trash - by using product in pouches you won't be filling your dumpsters with glass and plastic jugs
  • Increase shelf life - most of our products carry a 1 year shelf life.
  • Reduce shipping costs - by reducing in-transit damages of liquid materials and by preparing the products in-house eliminating the need to ship heavy, water-based products.
  • Increase profitability - by using high yield, low cost dry mix preparations to reduce your food costs.

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